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Halloween makeup

Halloween makeup – get ready for fright night

If you want to make your Halloween outfit one to remember, now’s the perfect time to start getting your look together. And whether you’re opting for a classic witch, skeleton or ghost, or you’re going for something a little more modern, you’ll need some great makeup to complete your look and get yourself ready for the big night.

Masks vs makeup

When it comes to creating a Halloween costume, many people opt for a mask rather than makeup because it’s quick, easy and long lasting. However, there are a lot of reasons for choosing makeup over a mask, not least because it’s better for the environment.

Halloween masks are generally made from plastic. All too often, this plastic is not recyclable. This means that once you’ve thrown it away, your mask will end up sitting in a landfill site for thousands of years.

Makeup, on the other hand, will simply wipe off in moments. If you want to keep your waste to a minimum, you can buy biodegradable face wipes to remove your Halloween makeup at the end of the night.

What type of makeup?

The type of makeup you choose for Halloween depends on your costume and your look. While some people might opt for a relatively ‘normal’ look to complement their costume, others might want to use their makeup as an integral part of their costume.

If you want your outfit to do the talking this Halloween, your makeup should be simple but bold. Use seasonal colours and metallics to bring out your features and give your look a little sparkle.

Alternatively, if you want your makeup to be an integral part of your costume, you need to go all out. Use makeup to alter your face and add to your Halloween look. A skilled makeup artist can use their tools to completely transform your face and turn you into your chosen character. This type of makeup is the perfect alternative to a mask and can help take your costume to another level.

Halloween makeup

Getting your makeup just right

If you like to get dressed up on a regular basis, it might well be worth taking one of our makeup courses so you can get your looks just right.

If you like the idea of going all out on your fantasy makeup, take our level 3 course. During the course, you’ll learn specialist skills, including fantasy makeup, perfect for a Halloween look and many other looks, as well as makeup for fashion and photo shoots.

If you’re looking to learn less extravagant makeup, on our level 2 course you’ll learn how to create a huge variety of classic looks. These makeup up skills can be used to help brides prepare for weddings and to give friends, family and paying customers a makeover.

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