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Work Experience (1)

A Week in the life of Work Experience

Work Experience Week

Last week, we had two lovely students from a local high school join us at NSHB, for their work experience week. They both have a keen interest in all things hair and beauty so wanted to get a taste of what it is really like to work for a company that specializes in both areas. They have really gotten involved in everything we have thrown at them this week, with a high levels of confidence and enthusiasm and have not been scared to get involved with our current classes. 

On Friday, we decided that getting the girls working in the office would be a great chance to learn the behind the scenes of how the school works, especially the marketing and social media side of things. So, this is what you will be reading today. They have written a blog for you all to read to get to see what they got up to in their week with us. 

Ella and Shayna’s Work Experience Week at NSHB

On Monday, We looked at many different hair styles and received step by step tutorials from the tutor. We were shown braids and bun hair styles and how the students could apply these to a variety of events. We learned that these up do styles are best or most commonly used for bridal, day to day and prom hairstyles. The braids we looked at consisted of box, French, fishtail, Dutch and pigtail braid.

The key braid we looked at was a French braid which we wrote the key steps down that we needed to create them. In the afternoon, we applied our theory work into practice. As we didn’t have models like the other students we practiced on block heads. Block heads are usually used by tutors teaching practical demonstrations. We tried out various different styles that we had been shown in the morning. Here are some examples of our work!


On Tuesday we spent the day in the beauty room. The class we took part in were learning about facials. Jan, one of the beauty tutors demonstrated on a model the step by step of how to perform a facial. She spoke us through the products we were going to be using and how they would benefit the skin. In the morning, Shayna had the opportunity to practice a facial on Ella whilst watching Jan speak through the demonstration.

We then had a break and had lunch. In the afternoon Ella then did the same facial on Shayna, again following along with Jan doing the steps on a model. We really enjoyed this day and it was fun to be able to learn how to do an actual facial.

On Wednesday, we started the morning in the Barbering/ Hairdressing room. The tutors thought it would be a good idea to practice the Up Do styles and braids again to see how much we could remember from Monday. We surprised ourselves with how much we remembered and they actually turned out really well. Now that we know the basics of how to do these styles we are excited to try and do them on each other and maybe even some of our friends!

 In the afternoon, we then moved onto washing and blow drying with the class. Shayna started by washing Ella’s hair, making sure to fully shampoo and condition her hair. After this Shayna learned how to blow dry Ella’s hair. At first, she felt she struggled with sectioning the hair when blow drying but then eventually got the hang of it after practicing a few times. Ella then went on to also wash Shayna’s hair and learned how to blow dry which she picked up pretty quickly!

Today (Friday) is our last day at NSHB which is where we are now writing this blog for you. We have created a mood board to reflect our week with all the pictures we have taken. We then read through some of the blogs already up on the website and were given a breakdown of how we should start writing the blog. Which you have now nearly read through! 

Here is our Mood Board!

Shayna’s favourite part of the week:

The facial was definitely my favourite part of the week as I feel I learned quite a lot and as I’m big on my skincare, it was definitely an area of interest! I learned a lot of different techniques from the facial which I am going to try out at home. For example, facial massage techniques which I definitely wouldn’t have learned if I hadn’t come here for my work experience. I also enjoyed the hair washing and blow drying because although I struggled initially I eventually learned how to section hair properly. When you go to the hair salon, getting your hair washed feels so good so I’m glad I know how to do that as well.

Ella’s favourite part of the week:

The hair washing and blow drying was 100% my favourite part of the week as I felt like it benefited me more because when I’m older and start my career, I would love to be a hairdresser once I have my qualifications in hairdressing. I also really liked doing it because I now know how to do the massaging techniques on the scalp and how to blow dry effectively. However, I did also like the facials and massages we did because I learned something new and it was very calming to have it done.

Overall, we both really enjoyed being here for work experience as we have both learned new skills and techniques and have a clearer idea of what the beauty and hairdressing industry is like. 

Thank you NSHB for having us and giving us a great week of work experience! 

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