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The Massage Market is Booming

The Massage Market is Booming

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Massages are on the increase after an expected quiet period during the pandemic and its restrictive lockdowns. After the dropping of social distancing, massage therapists are finally able to get close to their clients again and provide their healing handiwork. Surprisingly to some, the massage market is actually considered to be booming according to some research. 


Massages Post Pandemic

As spas and wellness centres began to open up again across the UK, naturally there were worries that clients would be fearful of human touch. However, what with working from home on makeshift desks, stress and worry, plus the feeling of being cooped up indoors, many consumers were actually excited to get booked in for massages again. Makes sense when you put it like that, doesn’t it? When you think about it, massages also seem more covid-safe compared to some other treatments as the client is facing away from the masseuse.

This and the focus on self-care, health and wellbeing since the emergence of Covid-19 all add to the supposed increase in massage popularity post pandemic. @MassagePeople said: ‘Massages are not only a luxurious, indulgent break for both your body and mind, they also have proven health benefits, with many studies showing that massages reduce anxiety and depression.’ This is exactly what we need after enduring such a long time of uncertainty. 

The Good Spa Guide recently ran a consumer habits survey, conducted in collaboration with the UK Spa Association. It found that 80% of clients can’t wait to return to a spa post lockdown. UK spa group Champneys also surveyed 2,000 people in the UK about their views on beauty trends during Covid-19 lockdowns. It found that 20% are now prioritising massages, facials and other wellness treatments. The top five cities that have increased their treatment spend since before the pandemic are:

  • Birmingham, +19.95%
  • London +19%
  • Nottingham +14.3%
  • Manchester +13.1%
  • Glasgow +12.1%


How Have Massages Changed Since the Pandemic?

Whilst many restrictions have been lifted, there are still many guidelines workplaces are being advised to abide by. The GOV UK website lists the following guidelines for ‘in close contact’ services:

    • Asking COVID-19 related screening questions to clients ahead of their appointment
      If the client has any symptoms, however mild, they should stay at home and reschedule their appointment.
    • Encourage clients to arrive at the time of their scheduled appointment.
    • Inform clients and contractors of guidance about visiting the premises before and on arrival. This includes information on websites, on booking forms and in entrance ways.
    • Provide adequate ventilation
    • Clean more often
    • Wear a face covering in enclosed settings and while in contact with people.
  • Keep contact around transactions to a minimum. Use contactless payment where possible.


What’s Driving the Massage Increase?

According to a press release published on Business Wire, the growing interest in health and wellbeing are the driving factors behind the boom in the massage market. ‘As regular massage was proven to improve the wellness of people, coupled with their affordability ranges, the market is gaining more popularity. Body and foot reflexology and head and back massages have also proven to relieve pain or stress from a specific body part, thus, promoting healthy outcomes. Tiredness being a factor, people prefer to have services that help them rejuvenate and relax, in order to keep themselves fit and healthy.’


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