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The Biggest Haircuts to Dominate Autumn 2021

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The Biggest Haircuts to Dominate Autumn 2021

In our opinion, a new season calls for a new haircut. Autumn is generally a time for change, what with the back-to-school period, plus the colder weather setting in with longer nights and shorter days. This can feel a little gloomy so having a new haircut is the perfect way to put a spring in your step. An article in Glamour magazine featured an interview with London hair stylist Larry King @king_larryking. He said: “People are enjoying being out again and being allowed to socialise. Glamorous hair is all a part of that… The new ‘20s can be likened to the old ‘20s… Lockdown felt a bit like the prohibition era, and now we all deserve a bit of the roaring twenties glamour.”

With that in mind, we’ve collated some of the biggest, most glamorous haircuts predicted to dominate the autumn 2021 period. 


Blunt Bobs

A blunt bob could be seen as a classic hairstyle, but for autumn season this year, they’re looking a lot grungier and/or androgynous for high impact. Celebrity hairdresser George Northwood said: “We are already starting to see a lot more androgynous bobs that are very reminiscent of the ‘90s… Just think of that cool, grungy Calvin Klein campaign from the ‘90s for the right vibe.”



Miley Cyrus debuted her mullet iteration on Saturday Night Live back in May 2021. Rihanna has also been seen sporting this ‘80s style. The spikey mullet has something of a post-lockdown rebellious streak about it. Only for the brave we say.


Curly Shags

Whether you can embrace your natural curls and waves or require a perm, this look has plenty of eye-catching volume and bounce. Really wearable, it’s great for not having to wash your hair everyday as second-day curls can be brought back to life with leave-in conditioner spray and a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment. There are also non-heat ways to refresh second-day curls.


Feathered Layers

Face-framing layers will give your hair all the volume, bounce and oomph you could want. First popular in the ‘70s and ‘80s, thanks to movies like Charlie’s Angels, this look is oh-so feminine and flirtatious. Perfect for giving straight hair some movement, it can also be used in wavy hair for a shaggy cut.


Curtain Fringes/Bangs

Don’t want to make too much of a change, but fancy switching it up a little? Curtain fringes/bangs are the perfect way to go. They frame your face and add retro flair, plus they look effortlessly chic when left to fall from a messy bun. Celebrity hairstylist Alex Brown said “They are easy to style as long as your stylist cuts them short-to-long, to blend into the rest of your haircut. Explain that you want your bangs to be long enough to cave into your face and sweep to the side.” Noted.

Whatever you go for, embrace the change and perhaps take a little risk. It’s time to celebrate freedom, self-care and expression more than ever.


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