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Mother’s Day Treats for Mum: Buy Local

Who needs an excuse to hang out with their mum? We know we shouldn’t need one, but it’s nice to have an excuse anyway! Every year when Mother’s Day rolls around, we all look forward to spending some much needed time with our mothers. Of course, in 2021 that might be more difficult to accomplish for some of us than it ever has been before!

If you’re lucky and your mother lives locally (or you’re a husband/dad reading this for inspiration!!), there are some great ways to celebrate the wonderful mothers in your life despite the pandemic. Even if your mother doesn’t live nearby, you can plan a wonderful celebratory day by making the most of what modern technology does to make the world smaller. Have something posted to her, have a long catch up with a video call and play some games like those on Bunch. You’ll soon feel like you’re sitting side by side, even though in actuality, you’re thousands of miles apart.

To guide you through Mother’s Day 2021, we’ve decided to focus on some of our favourite fabulous Norwich-based companies to celebrate the wonders of Norwich’s thriving independent businesses. Read on to find out about some incredible treats you can buy for your brilliant mum this Mother’s Day.

Lilie’s Bespoke Cupcakes

Lilie’s cupcakes are one of our absolute most favourite things about living in Norwich. Her incredible cupcake creations are as stunning to eat as they are to look at. Her cupcake flower bouquets are well-worth checking out and would make the perfect thank you gift to mum this Mother’s Day.

Tickets for a show!

We know what you’re thinking, ‘A show? What’s the point in that? We might not even be able to go and see it!’ Well, you’re quite right, planning to go to the theatre in person is rather difficult right now, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look ahead. If your mum is a theatre lover, then treat her to some tickets at any of Norwich’s fabulous theatres. What’s more, lots of shows are being performed online via a streaming service now in a bid to keep the arts industry afloat. It’s a great cause to support.

Cheese Hamper!

We’re huge cheese fans here at The Norwich School of Hair & Beauty, so at the top of our list would be one of Amaretto Deli’s fantastic cheese hampers. The incredible Italian delicatessen on George Street, Norwich has some of the finest cheeses available. Give them a ring on 01603 767478 to get their knowledgeable advice on what you should pop in your mum’s cheese hamper. We particularly like a young Taleggio. Delicious! Especially with some caramelised onion chutney.

Why not get some treats for yourself whilst you’re on the phone too? @AmarettoDeli tweeted back in June saying “Good morning, and we are happy to say that our online shop is now live. Offering hot and cold meals, sandwiches, cheese, salume, olives, groceries and more. NR1-NR7 delivery, or collection…” What further invitation could you need?

Magnificent Flowers

Our particular favourite of Norwich’s many incredible florists, is Elizabeths The Florists on Unthank Road. Their creative, stylish, elegant, cheerful arrangements are the perfect gift for all sorts of occasions throughout the year, but for Mothers’ Day 2021 we can think of no finer present!

Gorgeous Candles

Pascoe Candles are exceptional. They are handcrafted in Norfolk and we are sure that they are about to be a huge name across the country. These remarkable candles are the perfect gift for anyone to celebrate any big event. These soy-free vegan candles are made from Coconut and Rapeseed Wax and scented with all-natural ingredients, like our favourite Neroli & White Jasmine. Their wax melts are also divine and make a great gift when combined with an attractive burner. If your mother is into sustainability, using natural products and being as eco-friendly as possible, then this is the ideal present for her this Mothers’ Day.

We hope we’ve given you some helpful pointers regarding how to make Mothers’ Day 2021 one of the best years yet.

Remember, Mother’s Day in 2021 is Sunday 14th March. Don’t let a global pandemic stand in the way of showing your mum how much she means to you.

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