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Beauty School

More Than a School…

The Norwich School of Hair & Beauty is more than a beauty school, it’s an experience that can change your life and
your journey begins here.

Established in 2007, we have graduates that work in all aspects of the industry both nationally and
around the world.

Our mission is for you to succeed, not only during the course but after you are qualified. Your
success is our success story and we will be with you every step of the way. We do not discriminate,
and our focus is to create a fun, safe and welcoming learning environment which is positive and free
from judgement.
We provide practical courses that inspire, inform and develop your skills. Experienced and qualified
tutors put your personal development first, creating the ideal environment to let you flourish.

Starting a new course, is an exciting life changing adventure. You don’t always know what to expect
but rest assured, we know how to keep you motivated and our team will be with you every step of
the way.

You leave with a recognised qualification because we successfully completed rigorous compliance
and due diligence processes to become internationally accredited. Our students and graduates are
known for their professionalism and talent. Our combined passion, focus and drive is why salon
owners come to us when they are looking for new staff. Small classes mean you get the attention
you need from your tutor and any classes with over 8 students have a qualified assistant too,
ensuring you get lots of personal attention. Receiving technical advice throughout each class from
our experienced tutors enables you to grow your knowledge and understanding whilst quickly
improving your skill set.

Small classes with a shared interest, allows you to connect with fellow students quickly. You will
create long lasting connections through our private facebook group with all past graduates where
we share exclusive events and job opportunities in the industry. It is always extremely exciting to
see our graduates succeeding in their career paths; whether this is being self-employed, in a salon,
working on films, fashion shows, TV, excelling in the bridal industry or working for massive retailers
like MAC, Estée Lauder or Benefit.


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