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How to Choose the Right Beauty Course for You

Giving you the chance to be your own boss, forge a new career path and work in a vibrant, growing industry, our courses could be just the change you’re searching for. 

All the people who join our courses have a real love of beauty. Whether it’s hairdressing, make up, nails or massage, our courses will give you the chance to indulge your passion and turn beauty from your hobby into your career. To help you find the course that perfectly suits your interests and your ambitions, we asked a few of our past students to share their experiences at Norwich School of Hair & Beauty.


Choosing the right course 

Choosing the right course is the first step in the path to your new career in beauty. Most people applying to the Norwich School of Hair & Beauty already have a rough idea of the areas that interest them most. For example, former student Shervaughn Norman, who studied Make Up and Hairdressing, said, ‘The reason I took these courses was due to always having a passion for makeup and hair, and after years of being a carer I decided to follow my passion and do what made me happy.’ 

Susan Rose, another former student, wasn’t sure which path to follow when she first applied to Norwich School of Hair & Beauty. She simply knew she ‘wanted a complete change of career and a new challenge away from hospitality’. Susan spoke to course tutors and found out more about the subjects on offer before selecting the speciality that would lead her onto a career as a self-employed beauty therapist. Watch her video here

Luckily for anyone applying to the Norwich School of Hair & Beauty, all our courses offer a high-quality learning experience. During your course, you’ll go in-depth into your subject and learn everything you need to know for your future career in the beauty industry. As Susan Rose says, ‘Don’t settle for rubbish training with another provider. I think too many people want quick training and in this growing industry that just won’t cut it, so its definitely worth investing time and finances into training that gives you something more.’

If you’re not sure which area of beauty you’re most interested in, give us a call or drop into the school and talk to one of the friendly members of our team about the courses that are available. 


Funding your course

A lot of people worry about how they’re going to fund their course at the Norwich School of Hair & Beauty. However, thanks to our flexible payment options and affordable fees, paying for your studies should be easy. 

Our courses are part time and take place during evenings and weekends. This makes it easy to fit your studies around your existing job and family commitments, allowing you to earn while training for your new career in beauty. 

When signing up for your course, you’ll have a choice of payment options. If you’ve already saved up for your course, you can pay the fees in one lump sum. Alternatively, you can pay a deposit to secure your place and then pay the rest of the fees at a later date. In some cases, you may be able to pay your fees in instalments, allowing you to spread the cost of your course over a number of months.  


Support and learning 

We work incredibly hard to ensure our courses offer a high-quality learning experience and that our students are supported throughout their studies. Whether you’re just starting out in the world of work or you’re coming to beauty after a stint in another industry, you’ll find that our tutors are there to answer your questions, walk you through your coursework and ensure you get as much out of the experience as possible. 

Shervaughn Norman says, ‘The support given by my teachers, Anna (make up course), Kerry and Natalie (hair and colour), Ross and Jason (barbering), Katie (assistant in the hairdressing and barber), as well as by the head teacher Sam, was awesome. There was nothing you couldn’t talk to them about, nothing that they wouldn’t try to help you with.’ While Susan Rose says, ‘The support from Wendy and Sam was incredible. They knew when I needed encouragement and that I could do it before even I knew.’


Future careers 

The courses at the Norwich School of Hair & Beauty equip you for a number of career paths. A lot of former pupils get jobs in local salons, working as beauty therapists, hairdressers and make up artists. As beauty is a growing industry in the UK, work is available in most town and cities across the country, giving you a great choice of jobs and locations. 

A large number of students also go on to open their own ventures and become self-employed. Becoming your own boss gives you the chance to create your own work schedule, fit your career around other work or family commitments and benefit directly from the effort you put into your business. Although running your own business may seem daunting right now, the confidence and skills you’ll acquire during your course will give you the tools you need to make your new career a real success. 

Although starting a new course, and a new career, can be a challenge, the potential rewards make it well worth it. As former student Lauren Knights says, ‘Go for it! You can achieve what you want, just put your mind to it and be open to leaning new techniques.’ While Shervaughn Norman says, ‘To anyone who is looking to start a course and change something in their life, or refresh or go further. I say just do it. You’ll be able to look back and say, “I did that and achieved that, that’s my hard work and my determination.”’


If you’re interested in taking a course at the Norwich School of Hair & Beauty and changing your life for good, we can help. Get in touch with a member of our friendly team, or take a look around our site, to find out more.

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