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How The Norwich School of Hair & Beauty Is Adjusting To Lockdown Life!

What a year we’ve all had! Everyone spent December 2020 looking forward to 2021. We all thought it would be so much brighter. There was good news about the coronavirus vaccine, people were allowed back on to the high streets and into pubs and restaurants again. Then we were all looking forward to celebrating Christmas with our families. However, soon the announcement came that the virus had mutated and was 70% more transmissible. For many, Christmas was cancelled

Everything that we had all been looking forward to soon came crashing around our ears again as we entered our third national lockdown. By now though, as a nation we are all starting to adjust to lockdown life. We’ve grown used to working around the virus. And certainly, here at The Norwich School of Hair & Beauty, we’re up and running at full speed. We feel ready to tackle whatever else 2021 throws at us! Read on to find out how The Norwich School of Hair & Beauty is adjusting to lockdown life. 

How have things changed at The Norwich School of Hair & Beauty due to lockdown 3.0?

Our classes have all moved to online theory sessions. We are now aiming at getting all of the theory for the courses done in one fell swoop. The plan is that when we can then return (when it is deemed safe and sensible) we can work purely on the practical elements of the courses. However, this does not mean that our students are not able to gain any practical experience. We are encouraging practical experience to be carried out at home by the students working on themselves or on family members.  

What sort of theory work will the students be working on from home?

The theory work which all of our students are working on right now is essential to their course as it is a core element to their studies. It is what they should be learning anyway to prepare for their exams. 

Our Beauty Therapy students are currently going over the waxing theory work, whereas our students of hairdressing are covering the theory of the hair and other important subjects. 

All of our students have the equipment that they need to practise their skills at home. This is because they have been given a full professional kit already, which they use in the salon and that they can now use at home to aid their studies.

Our recommendation that our students practise on their family members is that it should be done with care and attention. Our beauty therapists will be practising their waxing and performing manicures and pedicures on loved ones living with them. They have already been taught many of the practical skills needed to get going, so they will be recapping techniques that they have already learned. 

Our hairdressers are fairly advanced in their courses, so they will be able to practise a few cutting techniques on their family members. 

With everyone else in the UK desperate to visit a hairdresser or beautician, we are sure our students’ family members feel very lucky to be locked down with our students! 

To find out any more about our courses or how things are running at the moment during lockdown at The Norwich School of Hair & Beauty, contact us on 01603 928900

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