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Get Your Skin Ready For the Summer and Stay Safe in the Sun

With the weather finally feeling like summer, we’ve started thinking about fun in the sun. And one of our favourite things to talk about? Looking after your skin! From tanning prep to ensuring you find the right SPF for you, our guide to summer skin is all about feeling good in the skin you’re in.

Sexy & Smooth

Step one of any good skin routine? The prep. Exfoliation has myriad benefits: it lifts dead skin, leaving you glowing; it prevents pores from clogging (so good practise anyway if you’re prone to acne); and – crucially for summer – it preps your skin for a nice even tan.

There are different varieties of exfoliators – primarily chemical exfoliators and physical ones. Don’t be too nervous if you’ve never tried a chemical exfoliator – they tend to be much gentler than their physical counterparts!

Chemical exfoliators usually make use of enzymes and acids, gently unbinding the glue that holds old skin cells in place. They’re usually recommended for use on the face, as the skin on the rest of your body is a little tougher. Some of our favourites include Wishful’s Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub and Herbivore’s Prism Exfoliating Glow Facial.

While you can use physical exfoliators on your face, it’s important to choose a relatively gentle one. Pieces that are too rough can cause microtears in your skin, leaving you open to infection. We love Paula’s Choice The UnScrub, which boasts dissolving jojoba beads, or making our own – so you know exactly what’s in it!

The rest of your body is another matter entirely! Physical scrubs can work wonders on your skin, leaving it smooth and prepped for a tan – whether you opt for the sunshine variety or the self-tanning one.

In a fix and need smooth skin, stat? You can whip up an easy DIY body scrub just using kitchen ingredients. Coconut oil and sugar is a great basic combination, but you can find plenty of more adventurous recipes online!


Once your skin is glowing, it’s time for hydration. You might opt for a lighter moisturiser in summer, but it’s important to keep using one.

Drying out your facial skin can actually lead to acne, as your body overcompensates in its sebum production. You might also experience a few uncomfortable symptoms all over your body if you don’t properly hydrate your skin: itchiness and tightness are major culprits!

Opt for a moisturiser that you’re going to enjoy putting on – whether it’s because of the uplifting fragrance, like the Saint Iris Adriatica Wake Up Droplets, or just because it leaves you feeling silky smooth.

Safety & SPF

We all knew this was coming! While a little sun exposure can be good for our overall health – hello vitamin D! – We still need to protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

SPF isn’t just for summer – as the British Association of Dermatologists @HealthySkin4All say, “sun safety should be practised all year long”. But the longer days coupled with warmer weather mean that we tend to do much more sun damage to our skin in the summer.

Aside from being a major risk factor for skin cancer, sun damage contributes to skin ageing. From both a health perspective and an aesthetic one, SPF is your friend!

There’s a wide variety of options out there too. Mineral sunscreens leave a physical protective layer on your skin and are typically better for acne-prone skin as they don’t sink in and potentially clog pores. They’re usually made from zinc oxide or titanium oxide – one we love is Drunk Elephant’s Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defence SPF 30.

Chemical sunscreens, on the other hand, work by absorbing UV rays, converting them to heat, and releasing them from the body. Riemann’s P20 is an excellent choice, boasting waterproofing and top-of-the-line SPF protection.

If you have bottles lying around from years gone by, be sure to check the expiration dates. Past its best, sunscreen will no longer be effective in protecting your skin.

Whichever you choose, make sure you’re using enough sunscreen – approximately a shot glass worth to cover your entire body. Use your discretion though: obviously smaller bodies need less and bigger ones need more. Make sure you’re reapplying throughout the day as well, especially if you’ve gone for a dip or got a bit sweaty.

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