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Student Spotlight: The Rise of Holistic Therapies

We would like to share Miranda’s journey, learning a range of holistic therapies over the years with our sister school Jackie Hamilton, which are now all taught at our school. Miranda now runs her own successful business offering a range of holistic services.

Which course did you study? 

Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology

When did you complete your course?

 Massage 2019, Aromatherapy 2021 and Reflexology 2022

Why did you choose to study at the school? 

Local to me so it was easy to get to, was my first reason when deciding to do massage – I then attended an open day and just knew that I had found the right school for me. Jackie and the tutors were so friendly and welcoming and it felt like I would fit in really well, and I quickly discovered that the quality of the teaching was superb. As I had such a fantastic experience and felt really confident in my learning in 2019 it was only natural that I would return again in 2021 and 2022.

Your greatest piece of advice for anyone thinking of joining the course. 

Go for it…you never know where it will lead you. My life has transformed through the courses I have studied both on a professional and personal level – I have blossomed which I didn’t think possible in my mid 40’s.

Your top tips to get motivated.

 Making the time to study and complete work to deadlines can be difficult but it is so important. Book time into your diary/calendar in exactly the same way you would any other appointment – you wouldn’t cancel your hair/dentist/doctors appts so treat your study time in exactly the same way . And if at any point you are struggling just let your tutor know – they truly want you to succeed and are so helpful.

Tell us about your journey/career since finishing your course?

 I have set up as a mobile therapist on a part time basis as this works for me. I still have my day job, which pays the  bills and takes the stress off me – one day I do plan to be fully self employed but the time isn’t right just yet. I also find that I now prioritise my own self care a lot more – doing these courses has made me realise that its ok to put myself first. I was also thrilled to be asked back to JHS to assist with teaching the Aromatherapy course which was an experience I will forever be grateful for.

Your go to place for inspiration, and why?

 I am like a bloodhound these days and seek out sources of inspiration from many places. My professional association, Instagram, You Tube, blogs etc. as well as other therapists. Having a network of therapists that I can turn to for advice and inspiration is invaluable.

What are you most proud of so far? 

Becoming qualified in a completely new field at the age of 45 is something I am very proud of. It has empowered me as a woman approaching menopause to realise that I don’t have to become an insignificant older woman and that I have an awful lot more to give.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? 

Working full time as a therapist, sharing my knowledge and passion for all things holistic with anyone who will listen.

Contact Details 

Miranda May Wellness.


Email –



What services do you offer? 

Reiki, Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy (massage, facial and bespoke prescription blending) , Reflexology, M Technique, Facial Rejuvenation Acupressure (natural face lift)

What makes your company unique?

 I pride myself on providing a personalised and tailored service which leaves clients feeling relaxed, realigned and restored.


The training I have undertaken at JHS has been genuinely life changing. The dedication, professionalism, passion and care shown by Jackie and her tutors is very inspiring and has made my

learning experience so much more than I ever anticipated. The training has ensured that I feel confident in my under pining knowledge of the subjects I have studied, which has meant that I am

able to bring my best self to my clients and they are confident and secure that I am able to provide a safe and therapeutic space for their treatments.

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