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Student Spotlight: Learning Sports Massage as an Acrobat

We are excited to share Chris’ story about his journey to becoming a Sports Massage Therapist. Chris trained at The Jackie Hamilton School in Level 4 Sports Massage which has recently moved over to our school. Chris now works at two different clinics as a sports massage therapist, putting his training into practise! As our course is part time Chris was able to complete this course whilst still working his job at the time

Which course did you study?

Level 3 + 4 Sports Massage

When did you complete your course?

July 2021

Why did you choose to study at the school?

You were one of the few schools I could find that offered regular in person/hands on training.

Your greatest piece of advice for anyone thinking of joining the course.

See as many people as possible as quickly as possible. Covid made that hard for me and I feel it put

me on the back foot when getting out into the field of practice.

Your top tips to get motivated.

I love reading up on anatomy (knowing the muscles/bones) Clients feel confident if you feel

confident, it’s all about sharing your knowledge.

Tell us about your journey/career since finishing your course?

Initially I struggled to be taken on by any clinics. (That was my aim, I didn’t want to go free lance

straight away) Covid got in my way and people were not hiring towards the end of 2021 due to all

the restrictions still in place. But after a few interviews I was able to be taken on at two different

clinics as a freelance therapist

Your go to place for inspiration, and why?

YouTube!! There are so many videos out there of folks who have WAAAAYYY more experience. Pick

and chose techniques from them and adopt your own from there.

What are you most proud of so far?

Happy clients! Seeing immediate results in one session of tracking improvement over multiple

sessions is very gratifying.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I am, first and foremost, a professional acrobat. I always planned on working as a Sport

Massage Therapist however I thought that would be at the end of my performing career.

Covid forced my hand in moving into Sports Massage but I also felt that the sooner I started

professional practice, the better!

In 5 years time I would love to have my own Acrobatics/Studio space in Ipswich with

treatment rooms on site.

What services do you offer?

Sports massage

Cupping (traditional, qualified post training with Jackie Hamilton)

IASTM – Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation


I had a great time learning with Jackie Hamilton School. Pete was brilliant, caring and knew his stuff! The value of getting hands on learning cannot be understated. I see so many courses online that offer qualifications without even having to attend a class! I think that anyone who is not already qualified, one way or another, cannot hope to learn all they need to learn in an online course. Having the classes fortnightly worked very well for me as I was able to integrate with my regular job at the time. 

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