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Student Spotlight: Changing lives with Aromatherapy

We are exited to introduce Emma’s story. Emma trained in Aromatherapy and Massage at our sister school, Jackie Hamilton School of Therapies, which are now being taught at our school. These courses have opened so many doors for Emma and we have loved hearing about her journey since qualifying.

Which course did you study?

Aromatherapy and Massage

When did you complete your course?

 Completed June 2022

Why did you choose to study at the school?

 I was aware of Norwich School of Hair and Beauty growing up as was interested in the Makeup Artist courses! Then had a change of pace by the time I had left school and saw the sister school of Jackie’s, and it all went from there. Knowing it was a reputable name, I found this the perfect option for what I was looking for.

Your greatest piece of advice for anyone thinking of joining the course.

-If there is a piece of you that wants it, go for it, give it your all, and get from it everything you want, and you won’t be disappointed!

Your top tips to get motivated.

 Zone in on your goals and where you want to be. Work backwards to figure out the steps you need to take to get there. However small and supposedly insignificant the task in front of you now may seem, look at how achieving it will get you closer to where you want to be and keep chipping away. Try to help the future you out!

Tell us about your journey/career since finishing your course?

 When I started the course I was working in fragrance and skincare in retail and I was keen to find a job that would allow me to actually start practicing once I had passed the massage exam in December 2022, thinking I wasn’t ready to start my own business yet. Here I found myself in a spa, suddenly learning all their different treatments and marketing methods; both of which became clear were the polar opposite to my intention training in this field. I felt uncomfortable in this environment, and I think I was only there a month before leaving.

Before long, I had then completed my entire course, passing the aromatherapy exam with a Distinction – as I had the massage. I went on to train in Pregnancy massage too, knowing from early on how I would want to focus on women’s health when I got to having my own business. It was these little wins along the way that made me start to think that I could start sooner than I thought. Meeting an amazing, inspirational community of women across the courses I joined, I started to tick away with more and more ideas about what I wanted to do in my own business and how I could make it possible. These fabulous women sharing their wealth of knowledge, advice and experiences completely transformed my approach; the discussions I had with them boosted my self-confidence and directed me down various avenues of opportunities that were available to me.

So, there I found myself creating logos, treatment menus, business cards, social media pages… and absolutely loving it! Realising I had been suppressing all this creative energy through trying to shut down the possibility I was able to have the business that seemed to have always been with me just encouraged me further. Aglow Wellbeing was mine, and it could be anything and everything I wanted it to be! Applying for and being accepted into the Graduate Clinic scheme at Neals Yard was my first step towards making the dream a reality. It felt like full circle considering their short online Introduction to Aromatherapy course initially sparked my interest in enrolling on Jackie’s course, and, under the impression working in their therapy rooms wasn’t an option for me until I had worked as a therapist for the minimum two-year requirement, made it feel even more special. A month later I then went on to hire a treatment space in Attleborough too, to prove to myself I could stand completely on my own two feet and to relish in the fact I had complete freedom over when and how I practiced and what I could offer within my business, such as my own promotions etc. I have been blown away at how many clients have entered my two beautiful spaces, returned, and shared their experiences to encourage others too. A business only two months old, I hope that this positive start is a good omen to the way in which things will continue to unfold, and I’m already adding to what my name encompasses having recently qualified as a postnatal and baby yoga teacher! Here’s to a promising future to Aglow Wellbeing!

Your go to place for inspiration, and why?

-Nature, every time. Being surrounded by the natural world outside is such a grounding, humbling, and reflective practice that brings me back in tune with myself. And perhaps that’s it, my true inspiration is within myself, but it takes being reminded that I too am nature for me to find it!

What are you most proud of so far?

 Creating goals and achieving them! For example, starting my little business which was something I knew I wanted to do but didn’t expect to have achieved so soon!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

 Hopefully with a steady, successful wellness business. As mentioned above, I recently qualified as a postnatal and baby yoga teacher. It is my intention to start these classes in Spring 2023. I am also looking to join a pregnancy yoga teacher training class, with the view of having these classes available Summer 2023. Within five years I would aim to be a 200 hour qualified yoga teacher too and to have perhaps explored some further women’s health specialisms in aromatherapy and yoga e.g. menopause is one really standing out to me at the moment.

Contact Details for Aglow Wellbeing

Aglow Wellbeing

o Wellness for women

o Offering holistic massage, pregnancy massage & aromatherapy

Find me at:

o Neals Yard Norwich, 26 Lower Goat Lane, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 1EL on

Mondays (Graduate Clinic)

o Pilates Habit and Wellness Studio, The Little Barn, Eden Lane, Attleborough,

Norfolk, NR17 2EN on Thursdays

Contact me and keep updated:

o Emma Foster

o Email:

o Instagram

o Facebook

What services do you offer?

– Glow Goddess: 60-minute holistic massage

– Glow Goddess Indulge: 60-minute aromatherapy massage

– Root to Bloom: 30-minute back, neck, and shoulders holistic massage

– Root to Bloom Indulge: 30-minute back, neck, and shoulders aromatherapy massage

– Radiance: 30-minute face and scalp massage

– Nurture and Nourish: 60-minute pregnancy massage

What makes your company unique?

– Exclusively for women to unleash the glow of their inner goddess!

– Holistic approach to all treatments – tailored to clients’ needs considerately and safely

– I invite a space of support for women to reconnect to themselves, give permission for

self-care, and to guide and encourage true self-awareness

– Combine a range of therapies/ treatments to create the perfect treatment for mind,

body, and spirit right now


 As the youngest student of the Aromatherapy and Massage course at Jackie’s school, starting the course at the age of 19, I felt as though I often would place pressure on myself to prove something. Surrounded by others with families of their own, previous careers, and long-standing business in the industry, at first, I felt a little as though I needed to ‘catch-up’. It didn’t take long for this feeling to dissipate once I got to know the incredible women around me and hear their personal and professional journeys that had led them to join this course too. I realised that we were all students together, regardless of anything else, and our varying backgrounds and approaches made each class discussion all the more rich with valuable information and intriguing. Guided by the most patient and caring tutor, Dawn, no query or concern was a problem, and the content was taught with accessible and encouraging methods. Having now seen a variety of approaches to massage and aromatherapy, my belief that Jackie’s course was as genuine, client-focused, and holistic in its approach as possible has been further cemented. The support system both pre, during, and post studying this course has been life-changing (and that is no exaggeration) for the Facebook group all qualified therapists are added to is what built my awareness of the opportunities I took on that has led me to my starting and sustaining my own business. The advice shared here, or available at request is invaluable. So, for all of this I will be forever grateful. I would recommend my course to anyone who is considering entering this industry. Informative and confidence boosting, it has single-handedly provided me with the ability to get where I am now – and although I am only at the beginning of my journey, what is anything without starting somewhere!


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