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A Recap of Big Active Easter 2024!

The Big Norfolk Holiday Fun Activity programme is run alongside Norfolk County Council and funded by the Department of Education provides holiday activities for children and young people. We have been lucky enough to host two of their events last week, over the Easter Holidays. At the School we ran a luxury face mask and bath bombs day and a makeup and skincare day. Which we are so happy to say went AMAZINGLY!

On Tuesday, we started the day by welcoming the young people into the school by giving them a tour of all of our different rooms for our classes. We then got them settled in the Beauty Room and got them chatting, getting to know each others names and interesting facts about themselves.

We then started the luxury bath bomb making. We went through the recipe and instructions and the groups mixed everything together. The recipe was as follows:

DIY Bath Bombs

These DIY Moisturizing Bath Bombs only

contain 4 ingredients, are incredibly simple to

make and are perfect for soothing dry, scaly, itchy

winter skin.



1 cup Solid Coconut Oil

2 tablespoons Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, or Vitamin E Oil

1 cup Epsom Salt

1 1/2 cup Baking Soda

3/4 cup Citric Acid

Dried Rose Petals

Essential Oil


Once the mixture was complete they chose their moulds and added the mixture to them which then went in the fridge to set throughout the rest of the day.

After this, we had a yoga instructor, Judi, come in who went through a relaxing routine with them and even provided them with a hand made book which included positive affirmations for them to take home. It was lovely to have a nice calming section of the day before they went off for a hot lunch and were ready to start their afternoon learning.

Rosie, their tutor for the day, started the afternoon by talking to them about different skin types and what face masks would be best for their type of skin. We had four different recipes for them to choose from which included:


Oily Skin
Egg white

Whisk up the egg white and add a few drops of lemon.

Dry Skin
Egg yolk

Mash up the banana and add a teaspoon of honey and the egg yolk.

Sensitive Skin
Natural yogurt

Grated cucumber


Add 3 tablespoons of natural yogurt to a bowl, mix in the g
rated cucumber and a tablespoon of

All Skins



Natural Yoghurt

Mash the strawberries and then add the natural yogurt and honey.

The students decided what skin type they had and then were put into groups to make the facemasks. We had groups doing ‘All Skin Types’, Sensitive and Dry skin masks. They mixed all the ingredients together and had their final product of their natural facemask to take home.

Overall, The first day went really well. It was crazy and messy but such great fun!

On Thursday, we had a new group, some familiar faces from Tuesday’s session but also some new faces ready to learn. Thursday consisted of all things skincare and makeup with Gina! They started off learning some theory of skincare and the different layers of the skin. They then went through the perfect skincare routine ranging from cleanser to SPF. Once they had spoken about all the essential steps to look after our skin they had a demo where they watched how to do a facial. Once they’d watched and learned they then went off in pairs to practice on each other.

After lunch, they came back and experimented with makeup looks which we tried to keep simple and wearable for school. The students did some really amazing looks and were really excited to play around with different colours and work out what sort of products suited their skin, eye colour and lips. Check out some of their looks!

At the end of the day we had another yoga session which was lovely to end on and we went through their favourite part of the day. Overall, we are so happy with how the two days went and a lot of the feedback from the younger ones and parents was that there is nothing else like it locally that is aimed at this age group so it was really lovely that we were able to host this event over the Easter holidays and we are hoping this may become more of a regular event…..

Thank you Big Active for allowing us to host! 

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