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2024 is your year to start Hair Extensions


2024 is your year to start Hair Extensions!


Hair Extensions are an appealing way to instantly change up your look! Whether that’s adding length, volume or colour to your natural hair. Extensions can be made from human hair, synthetic fibres, or a blend of both. They are attached using various methods such as bonding or tape-ins. Hair extensions offer versatility, allowing individuals to experiment with different hairstyles and colours without committing to permanent changes. They are popular among those seeking instant hair transformations for special occasions or everyday wear. 

Our course is an intensive two day course which is designed to enhance hair professional’s (Level 2 Hair qualification holder) knowledge and skills. The comprehensive course will provide a deep dive into theory and hands-on practical sessions, covering a range of methods including hot and cold applications, Keratin bonds, Nano beads and tapes. You will also learn how to cut the extensions to create natural blended looks and learn removal and aftercare techniques to advise your clients to keep their natural hair and extensions fresh and healthy. 

What are Nano Tip Hair Extensions?

Nano Tip Hair Extensions are small wefts of pre-bonded hair that are attached to the client’s natural hair using Nano Rings which are 90% smaller than most micro rings, making for a seamless bond. This application method reduces the risk of damage to natural hair, making it a popular extension choice. Nano tip hair extensions are thin and lightweight, adding little stress or strain to the natural hairline and making them a perfect pick for thin or fine hair.

What are Tape in extensions?

Tapes are a type of hair extension consisting of a 4cm wide weft of hair secured at the top with a sticky tab that is attached to the hair. These extensions typically only last around 4-8 weeks due to the sticky tap not being able to keep the same level of stickiness alongside using hair products and hair washing.

What are Keratin Bond extensions?

This is where hair is pre-tipped onto a keratin formula, once melted, the keratin cools and fuses into a solid bond onto the hair which will last for months and can only be removed with a hair extension remover and specialist tools. As pre-bonded extensions are applied in individual strands, hair colour can be customised and a mix of shades can be blended to create a beautiful custom colour. Pre-bonded hair extensions are a salon favourite due to the durability of the method, once applied by a certified stylist, keratin bonded extensions can last up to 3 months. 

Why should you add Hair Extensions to your Business?

Hair extensions offer countless benefits to both clients and salon owners alike. 

Adding hair extensions to your books can significantly expand a salon’s customer base and revenue streams. With the growing demand for extensions, salons that provide this service are more likely to attract new clients and retain existing ones. Additionally, by offering high-quality extensions and expert application services, salons can establish themselves as trusted authorities in the beauty industry, further enhancing their reputation and credibility.

Furthermore, hair extensions can produce a high revenue stream for salons, as they often require regular maintenance and touch-ups, ensuring repeat business. By investing in training for their stylists and using high quality extension products, salons can capitalize on this growing trend and elevate their offerings to meet the evolving needs of their clientele.

In conclusion, incorporating hair extensions as a service is a smart business decision for salons looking to stay competitive in the ever-changing beauty landscape. 

We only have limited spaces left on this course so why not sign up to add on this amazing qualification to your business!

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